Apparently, I was nervous as hell.  I didn't realize this until I was editing.  My first shots were trembling.  A lot.  But once I captured their first on-screen kiss, everything changed.

I became fluid and controlled.  I remember listening to my body.  My vibration felt in-sync with theirs, and like a perfect pairing between wine and food, I felt a neutrality between us, undulating with waves of intensity.  The more I was in tune with their sex, the more invisible I became, and the closer I could shoot.  

My body buzzed for days, well into the edit.  I felt twice as heavy with sensations reaching far beyond my skin.  I was grounded, aware, different.  That is when I realized I had to include myself in the story.  

I tried to argue myself out of it.  "I can't do this. A pastor making porn?"  But I am not a pastor as they are not adult actresses.  They are Goddesses; and I am the masculine creating a protective environment for the Divine to express Herself freely, where perfect and perverse are the same, and lust and love are synonym.  I did not have a pulpit this day.  They did

Nathan Novero