People creating erotica to heal —

One heals by filming,

Others by being filmed;

Confronting Self or God,

Confronting shame or to reclaim.

What results is art,

Healing art abundant with love.

Abundance attracts abundance.

Gifts come in gratitude.

Money given with love

Not thrown away by lust.

Love values people over profit.

Shame feeds addiction and isolation,

Love nourishes while bringing us together.

This is what we are doing.

This is


N | O


  1. For all to live and safety and freedom regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race or age.

  2. For all to experience and embody the wholeness and holiness of ones’ own sexual and spiritual birthright.

  3. For all to responsibly hold, harness, and direct ones’s own sexual power and desire with reverence and conscious intention.

  4. For all to be educated to understand and relate to our own sexual desire without demand that anyone else fulfill that desire, with full comprehension and respect for consent.

  5. For all featured to be co-producers of their own content.